Category: Ethnic Art:

We are pleased to introduce a very special hand painted arts in combination of jewelry design work. The collaboration of these two arts together needs high level of creative skill, experience, patience & control on hands to perform micro art work. These hands painted art have been made on fine wooden board to combine jewelry art work which is used to make up/ dressed up the hand painted art to enhance aesthetic look and overall effect of art.  It is very challenging in terms of color compatibility with board, designing and doing fine jewelry work in collaboration of hand painted arts. The canvas board is not suitable for such arts due to bottleneck of its strength to hold jewelry weight.

To experience the detailing of hand painted art and fine jewelry work please use “zoom feature” which will give you some extend of real effective view.

We are sure that this special and unique kind of art will be liked and appreciated by all viewers and potential customers.

Category: Viva Nature Art: 

We are very pleased to launch our own creativity of hand painted art in combination of crafty wooden chips. This creative and special art is developed successfully with lot of imagination, test trail and highly skilled efforts & experience. These hands painted arts are also made on fine wooden board which is compatible to combine with crafty wooden chips to give unique beautiful look with 3D effect. 

The selection of appropriate board, colors, wooden chips and special glue is very important for perfect aesthetic look of hand painted art with long lasting life. 

Please experience this kind of art work and do send your feedback for our effort towards excellence.